Tea with Strangers

It's tea, with strangers (and some conversation).


logo design, illustration, brand design


Tea with Strangers is a national community organization that's all about making our cities feel more like neighborhoods by breaking the barriers between strangers. They bring small groups of people together for no-strings-attached conversations, making our cities feel more like neighborhoods. 

The Tea with Strangers team sought a new brand to capture "connectedness" that is warm, whimsical, and bright.  

New friends are just old strangers.

I worked with Tea with Strangers to develop their initial illustration style and create illustrations for the website and other social channels. The main priority for these was to capture the energy of the tea times, and creating characters and expressions that represented the lessons from each: how similar people are in seeking serendipity and connection.

With expressive characters, warm tones, and exaggerated gestures, the Tea with Strangers brand is grounded in playfulness and a bit of magic.


The original logo for Tea With Strangers came from a simple napkin drawing of a teacup. I explored logo directions that were variations of the same teacup, maintaining the gestures of hand-drawing. I also sought creating opportunities for city-specific branding, as Tea With Strangers expanded ambitiously across the United States. Ultimately, we decided that we wanted to emphasize an interaction between two or more people, which was not already being represented with the original single teacup logo.

This logo of two mugs facing each other alludes to a human interaction that is intimate, face-to-face, and rooted in conversation.