LA2050 is an initiative driving and tracking progress for the future of Los Angeles by the year 2050. Through grantmaking, research, and a robust digital brand, LA2050 has become a community of engaged Angelenos, seeking to move the needle on (crowdsourced) goals and metrics for the LA region.


brand design

Inspiring civic engagement

At LA2050, we believe that an ambitious vision for the future, innovative solutions, and the collective will of the public can unleash LA’s untapped potential. As a brand and community, LA2050 seeks to empower fellow residents with the knowledge and energy to lead to dialogue and action. Over my time as the designer for LA2050, I've built a brand and communication style that centered around meeting Angelenos where they are--bringing the many issues Los Angeles faces to light in engaging, accessible, and optimistic ways.


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LA2050's goals and metrics are built on years of rigorous research and public engagement. We continue to dig into the questions that dot our endeavors in civic engagement and community activation. 


Civic Engagement Braintrust Report

In 2017, LA2050 convened local leaders to explore strategies to building strong civic communities in Los Angeles. This report reveals the themes and ideas that emerged from that conversation and the tactics needed to boost civic engagement in LA. 

My LA2050 Submissions Report

The My LA2050 Grants Challenge is an open call for creative and innovative solutions to shape a better LA. In 2016 we saw roughly 300 proposals and reported back to the public the trends that emerged from this unique glimpse into the landscape of LA's social sector. 


Where are we now, and what's ahead?

Telling the story of Los Angeles requires us to chart the trajectory in which we are moving. Created with 30,000 Angelenos in 2013, the 60+ metrics capture the breadth of Angelenos' priorities, spanning from participation in neighborhood councils, startup activity, to volunteerism. At the fifth year mark, the LA2050 team looked to available data to update the LA2050 metrics, seeing how much progress (or lack thereof) had taken place. 

Along with a full report, I created visuals unique to each updated metric, highlighting and comparing the new data, further telling the story of LA's path forward.



Engaging with our grantees

With Goldhirsh Foundation and LA2050 grantees, I was able to expand our teams' services by providing design support in the form of logo and campaign design.


Dreaming big at Precise Barber College.

Precise Barber College, a social enterprise and barber college for homeless young adults, received a $100,000 grant from LA2050 to build out its campus. I worked with the Precise team to create a logo for the budding campus.


Sierra Club demands clean energy now.

2016 grantee Sierra Club developed a campaign to push LADWP to halt the construction of new polluting plants. With $630 million on the line, we sought to put those dollars into perspective. What could we do instead with the $630 million that would otherwise go towards worsening air quality in Los Angeles?


Pop-up bus benches

With the announcement of our twelve new LA2050 grantees, the team sought to surprise and congratulate the winners with co-branded bus benches. These twelve benches were located in the neighborhoods across LA County.


Census 2020

The Innovation team of the U.S. Census Bureau came to the Goldhirsh Foundation looking for community partners to help prepare for the 2020 Census. The outcome was a daylong event, convening local leaders and community organizers to design strategies on how to engage the Bureau's "hard-to-reach" populations.



How interesting can a newsletter be?

Very. The LA2050 newsletter is a bimonthly resource connecting LA residents with opportunities and local change agents. This newsletter amplifies the work of change-making organizations and provides call-to-action for any average citizen to get involved. Alongside this, LA2050 also uses the newsletter as an opportunity to tackle specific issues, such as the March 2017 Primary Elections, Earth Month, and DACA. Below are selected graphics that capture the nature of our LA2050 newsletters (full newsletter archive available here). 

Newsletter graphics for our March Primary Elections issue.

Newsletter graphics for our March Primary Elections issue.

Every year, the LA2050 Holiday Gift Guide highlights LA social enterprises, nonprofits, and small businesses. This guide and accompanying campaign shared across social media platforms.

Every year, the LA2050 Holiday Gift Guide highlights LA social enterprises, nonprofits, and small businesses. This guide and accompanying campaign shared across social media platforms.